GeeToy’s story started in 1992 when our company president, Y. D. Kim, while on a break from his teaching job, worked with a friend in his toy business to earn some extra money.  It was very different from the education field and required lots of hard work.  However, it was enlightening and exciting for Y.D. to follow a design from its conception and become the toy that brings such joy to children and adults alike.  Y.D. was so fascinated that he didn’t return to his teaching position after his break, but continued to work hard in the toy industry, learning as much as he could. Shortly after, he opened his own company, GeeToy.

Over the past 22 years, GeeToy has grown rapidly and now employees over 500 employees across two continents, with more than $5 million USD in sales annually.


GeeToy’s continued success comes from our experience of working with international companies and always learning to innovate.  Our team is committed to the customers’ needs and very flexible to please the customer.
Toy design - 22 years
Toy production - 23 years
Toys trading - 23 years
Brand - 11 year